Is it too late to get him back? would I seem desperate?

I few months ago, I clicked really well with this guy. We had a lot of fun together, but I've never been in a relationship before, and he was pushing to hangout everyday, I mean he was planning dates the night of one date ending... after 2 dates he already introduced me to his family, and wanted to meet mine which he did. they seem like nice folks and all. but anyways, I think about him from time to time, and I'm moving close to him , with my family. and want to connect with him again. (he used to live 40mins away) ... we haven't talked since I ended it. 3 months ago or so. How should I do this? would I come across as needy or desperate? do you think he'd be mad because of how it happened... help?


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  • He will, very likely, never trust you again or your mentality. You ruined it and once that particular ruination takes place the chances of reconciliation are extremely low. You could try but should prepare yourself for a rude awakening by his response.

    I would suggest just moving on unless you can, somehow, concoct an amazing letter/message to him which explains your feelings in totality and brings light to you being confused at the time and not that you weren't interested.

    • it's probably better to just move on.. I do this often with guys, they come off so strong at first and then I kind of back off. then when I feel calm and go back, it never is the same again! so I'll just take it as a lesson learned. thank you!

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    • @asker If you get time and do it, let me know how it works out for you.

    • I ended up not doing it... I got myself into this same situation with my last relationship, i got scared and broke things off in the early excitement stage when he wanted to be with me , then went back and he did accept to be in a relationship again but, he seem totally disinterested and i high doubt he trusted me at all , and because of that i lost him and i lost myself trying to gain his trust and interest back.. so i think its safer just to enter a relationship when things are good on both parties maybe, thank you for the help :)

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  • dude just call him and have a catch up talk with him... if you guys still get along on the phone suggest lunch or something. Then you can explain that you got freaked out and that you still think of him.


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  • You ended the relationship move on
    People make mistakes
    He is the one that got away

    • you're absolutely right, ty