Help me workshop a text to send to a guy?

I met this guy a year ago, through a dating site. We went on a couple of dates, I felt things were going really well, but a few days later he texted to say that he didn't think we were that well suited.

We hadn't seen each other since then, but I recently saw he'd looked at my online profile - so I sent him a message. He invited me to his place to play board games one Saturday afternoon. We ended up making out in his bed.

I didn't hear from him for a few days after that, but he then asked if I wanted to go hiking. I couldn't make it (for a genuine reason) but suggested another day/time. He was busy then; we both agreed "another time". Hadn't heard from him since then (about a week) so I sent him a "hi, how's your week going?" message to re-initiate contact. That was 2 days ago and he hasn't replied.

There seems to be a pattern where we make out and then he doesn't get in touch. Why?

So I want to text him: "I don't usually do this - I know if someone doesn't reply, it generally means they're not interested. I get it if you just don't feel a connection or whatever, but it seemed like you enjoyed yourself the other weekend! This has happened a couple of times so I'm just wondering what the deal is?"

My alternative option is to say: "Really enjoyed the other day and would like to do it again. If you're not interested that's totally fine, but if you are I'd like to hear from you and maybe schedule some time. Please let me know either way"

Please give me some feedback. Which text do you prefer, and why? Any suggestions for improvement? Or should I send something different altogether?


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  • It could very well be, joker2246, he feels he has You where he wants you and Knows whenever you do both get together, that you are going to lock lips and eventually sometime down the road, perhaps it will Lead to more in store. He answers when he feels like it, puts you on his pay no mind list and doesn't bother if he doesn't feel a need to---Maybe to hook up or want to get together.
    I wouldn't waste my time texting him anything. Show him a thing or two by not getting back to him so soon after he decides to push a button on hi send. And if you do get together again, have a little face to face convo with him and let him know where He is at with you.
    However, by you showing your own affection, he is getting the hint that you are Not hymning and hawing nor Yawning about locking lips... this message you may send will most likely be the dealbreaker and you may either lock horns or never hear from him again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I like the first one the best