Do guys have a problem dating a girl the same height as them?

I'm 5'9 which isn't that tall, but it's about the height of the average man. I know some men have an issue about dating girls taller than they are, but what about the same height?

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  • Not a problem at all, in some ways I think it's more practical. I don't care if she's a bit taller than me either. Are you turned off by guys being shorter than you? (Or the same height?) I think in general girls care more about height than guys do.

    • I like a guy whose my height, I don't have a problem with someone a little shorter, it just seems like a lot of men prefer short women.

    • The DH who down voted me, I wasn't speaking for all men, but what I personally like.

    • Thanks for MH.

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  • I'm just shy of 5'9" and I have to say that I'd love it if taller chicks would consider guys under 5'10".

  • I'm 6'2 and wouldn't mind dating a girl the same height.

  • I don't have any problem dating a girl taller than me or the same height. I think that's a white American and americanized hangup.

    • I'm not white, so I definitely think it's an American issue.

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