Does he like someone else now?

Close friends with a guy. We used to chat all the time and meet up twice a week. Last Friday a red flag popped up when I noticed on one of his Facebook accounts (the one I'm not a friend of) that he added this girl who works at a cafe we frequent. We've been going to the same cafe for weeks now and I was wondering why. My guy friend is a bit flirty (he IS a Gemini after all) but why would he add her? I thought he liked me. He's giving me mixed signals.


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  • Why not ask him about it?

    • I think I will but he will just go off at me and accuse me of being jealous. I know him too well.

    • If he gets pissed then he's hiding something

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  • Why does he have more than one Facebook account?

    Also, coming from a Gemini (I'm never sure how accurate astrology is) he's probably just being friendly.

    • Gemini males are so confusing. :P One for family and one for friends. I'm part of his friends account and he added her to his family account. So he is hiding something. She's from America and he's from here so I doubt she's family. Its all a bit fishy to me.

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    • Just found out we are going to a different cafe today... so I think he is hiding something

    • I would ask him about it then.