What does a first kiss feel like?

Im currently 16 and have not kissed a girl (don't even think i'll be lucky to make it that far)

For all of you who have kissed, I was curious as to what it felt like. Were there any significant thinga that happened?


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  • Well, first kisses tend to be sloppy and a bit... weird.

    I was lucky, somewhat. I had seen enough movies and television to figure out the basics to kissing... and my first kiss actually requested if it was alright if he give me more than "a little peck", so I was well aware of what was about to transpire, so there was time for me to position and execute without any mistakes.

    I just remember that all I really felt was focused. I wanted so badly not to mess it up, that I didn't really delve into the emotion of it until I thought about it afterwards. It was sweet and adorable, and I am glad it was with the person whom I was seeing at the time, because they made it easy and comfortable for me. I was around your age when this happened.


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