Men, question regarding your taste in women?

Why is it so common for men to go for the really materialistic selfish and uhh bitchy women that have issues. Yet many complain that they hate that in women and want someone nice but they are more attracted to the women that treat them like something disposable and use them and manipulate them and umm play mind games. Why is that? Just curious.


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  • Because of what they are leaving out. They don't just want a nice girl, they want the hot girl they find sexy, to also be nice.

    • This is much more common in girls. But the answer is the same. The things that they are attracted to, tend to be exhibited by these bitchy girls. Even tho they don't like their personalities the girls probably do all the right things to turn them on. If they're young enougj, just being hot might be enough for them to accept being treated poorly

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    • Awesome : ). Because I was seriously close to saying, "Sweet and Salty. Tastes delicious *licks lips*"

    • Oh umm yeah the other one is a much nicer answer.

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  • It's the same for woman looking for men. My conclusion is because the majority of people must be stupid... Or they rather sacrifice mental attributes before physical.

    • Yeah, it's rather sad.

  • Thats defenitly not my case, but yeah, humans are stupids, they are attracted to their opposite.

    Same thing could be said about girl. Why do they always go after jerks, then complain that every men are ass holes, then proceed to friendzone all the nice guys.

    Sucks to be nice in this society :/ hopefully there's still girls out there who likes nice guy. Im not gonna become a douche just to get a GF

    • I guess people think they deserve that kind of treatment, everything is strange.

  • I have never been attracted to a girl that complains and is selfish. Nothing is attractive about that personality. I always go after the girl that makes me feel happy on the inside. That is what people should go for.

    • Yeah don't change, compassionate and gentle is really cute and sweet.

    • Thank you. And know that most men aren't like this (at least were I live) so don't worry about it. If you are a good person (which I am assuming) you will find somebody.

    • Thank you sir, I'm just asking, I'm not looking for anyone, but observing is a wonderful and most curious thing indeed.

  • You are younger, so are the guys you are after, I assure you, I don't tolerate games and bitchyness.

    • I'm not available to anyone, I just observe sir.

    • Then what's the point of worrying about it?

    • Only because I ask does not by any means indicate I worry sir, I'm just curious, will give me something to think about.

  • Ah-men, sigh!


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