I just wanted to know something about dating?

i just wanted to know something about dating?, if you really really sark at talking, like a few words here or there, but really care about the other person and show them through feelings/emotions can it work out?


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  • If you let them know you suck at talking then it could possibly work out. Otherwise they'd think you were being short or didn't care. If you were dating someone and weren't good at talking then you'd absolutely have to get comfortable with them or it would not last long at all. My last boyfriend was super shy and he even had trouble asking me out but he got super comfortable with me (Too comfortable, started talking to other girls LOL) and it ended up lasting almost 2 years. So You can care and have feelings and all that crap but if you can't communicate that can be a HUGE problem. :) Good luck with whatever

    • oh well thankyou for your opinion, I wish I could talk more, it's not like I don't care or don't like to talk, it just I wish more words would come out you know.

    • I understand that. You just have to explain that to your significant other so they understand that.

    • Ok I will do that, thanks again for being helpful :)

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  • A little vague question. Can you show a person through feelings/emotions that you care for them? So you mean like actions and gestures of affection? Because if that's the case, then I'd say yes; it could work out. The person who's receiving has to be someone who understands that maybe the "giver" in the relationship isn't really good with communicating and can express themselves best through their actions. However, there will be some who think they're reading to far into it or, worse, find it annoying that you can't really speak with them. They might feel like you're holding back or who you are. Communication is always important in any relationship and some people have different methods of communication. So, yes... a relationship could work out if even if you're not that good at speaking, but it all depends on the person

    • yeah that's what I mean' show them your affection through gestures and love, you may not be good at talking but great at showing them you care enough :)