I'm new to this whole dating thing.. need advice please?

So I met this guy on an online dating site and he just moved to my town for work. We texted for a little over a month and had talked about anything and everything. When we finally met (at a local bar in town) it was so great we hit it off immediately and talked for hours. We kissed that night and parted ways when it was time for the bus. He had texted me right away after we departed to chat into the late hours of the night. He asked me out the next day again and we went for a drink and then we went back to my place to watch a movie and cuddle and we ended up sleeping together and he spent the night. I had appointments in the morning so I drove him home. Then I had asked him if he wanted to come to my Christmas party at work which he said yes and it was a lot of fun and he spent the night again. The was last night. He texted me earlier today after he got off of work but it took him forever to respond to anything I said. He wants to go out again this weekend. I just dont know what to think cause it was the shortest he's ever been with me talking and i feel like its all messed up now. Should i not think anything of this? I dont know if he wants to date more or if he is getting bored or playing hard to get or what. He texted me.. and he was at home not busy or anything. What do i do in this situation?


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  • I wouldn't worry at this point


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