Sparks fade on date #3 - what now?

So I've been out with this guy from my university a few times now. We met online and clicked, met up a few weeks later and had a great time. Each time we've run into each other or met up has been sort of awkward though.

I've never been in a relationship - ever, so I'm not really sure what to expect. Like, could the sizzle simply be because he hasn't kissed me yet? or should i just move on?

Having gone out with another individual in the last week I was sort of able to see how well this boy #1 and I really did click! We're still texting, hopefully we'll hang out in the new year once we're back at school


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  • Sparks fly.. its like electricity.
    I might die
    When I forget how to breathe.

    Anyway, if you've got time, and you think you've got a good thing, give it your all.
    If not, move on and invest elsewhere before things get too deep.


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  • Call him ask him out on a date then you kiss him, then you'll know if he likes you it's as simple as that!

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