Old Times VERSUS the New times!!!

Which one is better?

Old Times----- The guy asks the girl out. All the girl has to do is look presentable.

New Times---- The girl now asks the guy out. The girls has to look presentable and work to get the guy.

Which was better? the Olden times when the work was split fifty-fifty OR the New times when is now up to the girl?


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Most Helpful Guy

  • The reason there's more of the girl having to ask the guy out thing these days is the unrealistic expectations everyone has of each other. The empowerment of women means they've been pretty vocal about wanting a washboard stomach, a filled wallet, sparkling personality and a massive cock. Dudes think they don't measure up so they don't bother. Women are all insecure about their looks because they buy glossy magazines with airbrushed pictures of celebrities who have their own personal dietitians and personal trainers and think that's the standard. The world is a circus these days. I wish we could wind the clock back.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I think this is an unrealistic oversimplification of how it actually works, and I cannot really vote because the current "new times" says whoever wants to get shit done should be the one to ask the other person out, and both parties need to find each other admirable for it to work. Do you think a girl would say yes to a guy who doesn't look presentable?

  • All Time ((filler))

  • It's not always up to the girl. It's more like.. if the girl likes thd guy and he doesn't know, then she should ask him out.

  • Are you saying men don't need to be groomed? That's up to women anyway... If men can get by as slobs it's only because women expect no more.

    Men still to the ask most of them time, and are often still expect to pay despite women having their own source income these days.

    As far as girls needing to presentable, I don't think they need to waste hours in front of the mirror, but if that's like doing it's up to them I guess.

    • i'm not saying guys dont have to be presentable... you just assume guys are presentable

What Girls Said 1

  • This is a rubbish pole and a rubbish question. A guy can just look like a hobo can he? No. It's not about her asking him or vice versa its about equality. Both sexes being able to make that move and it not being withheld by gender stereotypes.