Why does she stare at me like this?

I have a girl that I know through a group of friends. I do not think I talked with her. But today I noticed a weird behavior from her.

I caught her starring at me or at least in my direction. So I was a bit sneaky and moved a bit closer to her but gave her the impression that I was looking at something else. When I was close to her I noticed her starring at me again quickly. I guess she was scared of getting caught.

After that I went passed her and I noticed again that when I looking near her direction she would always look at me.

I tried this trick one last time as I went up the conveyor belt. And again I caught her starring at me.

What gives? I added her on Facebook once but then she unfriend me. Now she wants me back or do I creep her out?

I never looked at her directly, just around her and minded my own business I only caught her looking at me through the corner of my eye.


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  • She likes you.

    • I can't really know that. She is taller than me, I know a couple of guys better than me that pursued her with no succes. She is probably looking for validation.

    • In this case I am fighting an uphill battle with her, I can pretend that I am not interested in her but as soon as I give in she will look for another guy. I would need to spend a Lot of time on her like an year or even more. I do not know it's worth it.

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