It's complicated but I can't stop thinking about him. He will never ask me out, will he?

It is so complicated! I've had this crush on a guy that works as a lifeguard in my swimming center for a long time (he has no idea)... We had this thing going on where we would make eye contact from across the aquatic centre and I would catch him looking at me but we never actually spoke.
About 12 months ago I moved to a new street- turns out he lives across the road! So ever since whenever we bump into each other out the front getting into our cars, we are friendly even though it's still awkward. He even offered to help me move stuff and told me to go knock on his door.
Unfortunately though he had a girlfriend who he lives with. But i think they broke up. Her car is still there and his hasn't been all week, except for once in the middle of the day when she wasn't home.
But then something happened that made me think he was as asshole. I had to go to his place to retrieve a tennis ball. He was so hostile when we were at the door. He was rude to my flatmate and barely acknowledged me.
My friends told me to forget about him cos he is arrogant. Ever since then I have been ignoring him in the foyer at work and he has been doing the same... Except when he thinks I'm not looking he still looks at me. But if we make eye contact he looks down at the ground.
So I'm ignoring him cos he was rude but now I'm wondering, if he did secretly like me, he won't bother asking me out cos now i've ignored him? But at the same time I think maybe he doesn't give a shit and never was into me, so I have to have some pride and show him I don't care by ignoring him.
I don't know what to do. Will he not ask me out cos he thinks I have a bf? Would he have that many girls (clients and colleagues - he also a PT) hitting on him that he would have his pick and not care about me? And that Will he have a new gf soon when it could have been me?
Would it be weird if i just start being friendly again? Would he ask me out? Has he already got his eyes on someone else?


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  • Talk to him like a brother and see what he does.


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  • look there is a chance that he might have liked you , so i dont think there is a point in ignoring and things even i did that in my life its of no damn use.. go talk to him


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  • act normal, but I don't think he is going to ask u out unless u show him ur interest which most likely he has noticed. If u can get to his ex and see why they left it will give u an idea about him a person first, maybe u wouldn't want to date him afterwards