Why did my gf just tell me she can't always talk to me about her problems and she needs others input besides mine on a situation or matter?

Basically she just told me she went on an app called chatous. Now for those not familiar with that app it's just a chat that can involve 2 people at a time you know etc etc. Why does she feel the need to run to strangers, why can't she come to me for her problems to guide her or talk to her about it.

Am I wrong in feeling how I do right now? She tells me to calm down and gets frustrated that I take it how I do. All I want is for her to not have to run to random people to seek input when I'm right here for her. Heck even her friends or family obviously I'm ok with that... but strangers on an app that's known to be sexual or somewhat devious to a girl has got me worried. I already know I'm coming to strangers to seek help by the way because I've already tried to talk to her about it.


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  • You are not the center of anyone's universe.

    You are not the only human on the planet.

    You are not the guru of All-That-Is.

    If these three things are true fuck you as the "one source for comfort."

    • Of course I'm not the center of the universe in her life. I understand I'm not the only human on here. That's why I said I'm completely open minded in the mindset that she will run to friends or family... I just didn't think I'd be chatous is all hah. Thank you for your answer. There's a lot that I need to learn and the more I learn and try to figure out is best for me and her.

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    • +1 Maturity has been added to your character sheet.

    • Most people take the type of criticism as yours as hurtful and rude, but I appreciate your honesty. I don't need an answer sugar coated. So thank you

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  • Well aren't you doing the same? seeking an answer in stranger like us... well she's doing the same... just saying

    • Hah I realized that now. As I've already pointed out with another answer here I committed the exact same thing as she just did so I felt like an idiot when I stumbled upon that before reading my question ha.

      Appreciate your answer though!

    • ;) good luck ;)

    • Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

  • Sometimes talking to strangers is nice because if they judge you for what you say or ask, then it doesn't matter. You don't know them, they don't know you, and even if they think what you say is stupid, you don't have to ever talk to them again. And another nice thing is you won't think it's all in your head kind of thing. Like when you talk to people you know, you may be unsure when they answer your questions because they might answer in a kinder softer way or tell you what they're "supposed to say" as your loved one instead of what they completely think. Sorry I rambled.


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  • Sometimes it is more beneficial to get an outsiders perspective on things because an outsider who has no relationship with the person asking for help will give them total honesty.

    • Yeah I completely agree. Errors answer is quite honestly the most brutal answer to my question.

      I realize that I am acting in the same manner that she is right now seeking answers from strangers too. Don't know how I didn't notice this when I wrote out this question hah.

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