Is this guy creepy or crazy?

I met a guy in a couple of weeks ago and we went out on a date in my opinion he was a little bit weird he came over to my house and he talked very low and he seemed to have no personality and was just acting weird like he was always talking low and soft and just didn't want to be positive or project anything nice you was basically very boring and kind of weird. He was in the military and not working at the time he was on his vacation and he pretty much had nothing to do and he didn't know anyone in town. On our third date he kept wanting to go to his house or my house from the beginning he kept saying will come over to my place he also had no furniture and had just moved in there but he really wanted me to go to his place but I didn't go.

Hanging out with him was painful because he acted really weird and he would not normally he his body movements were weird and slow and he just would stare at me intensely and it made me feel creeped out. And he kept asking to hang out so finally I said okay you can come over and you know he brought wine and beer and we were going to watch a movie. He acted wire again I felt really strange around him he only tried to pet my cats when they were in my lap and he was trying to get close to me and it was making me feel weird. And he had no personality and it was strange finally he left and you can tell he left because he realized I didn't want him close to me.

He then started texting me asking me why I was scared of him and being near him and I told him I wasn't I feel I was acting pretty normal for a third date and then days later he to start insulting me and putting me down saying really mean things about me. He was basically projecting his own behavior on to me and also just being horrible and mean. Was he just angry because he didn't get laid or didn't get what he wanted. He. never asked and just acted strange and I think any woman would've been a little creeped out by his behavior. I never insulted him despite his behavior

Yet he sat there putting me down and saying terrible things about me. I'm a pretty girl and he even said ur beautiful and sexy now he's calling me names. Wtf was wrong with him. Another psycho weird guy did that two months ago he came over to my place he acted weird when he didn't get laid then he started insulting me he was married too. What is wrong with these crazy males who are totally weird inappropriate and just crazy


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  • Sounds like, not necessarily crazy but maybe he has some mental illness. You said he was in the military perhaps its PTSD. He probably likes you and is probably a really great guy, but should see a psychiatrist or psychologist, because neither of you is equipped to deal with whatever is troubling him by yourselves.

    • Lol yeah I agree it seems he does have a mental illness which is disturbing because he tried telling me I need to see a doctor and trying to say that to me. Which is another reason I assumed that projecting and he said some really terrible things that were unwarranted and seemed really angry. I have no interest in dealing with him. I blocked him and just hope he isn't dangerous or a stalker

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  • My opinion, you should've left it to one date. He makes you feel weird uncomfortable, you aren't interested in getting to know who he really is, then you should of just left it at one date.

  • sounds like you don't like him.

  • if u think its weird leave him!


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  • Why are you still talking to him?

    • I'm not. Huh I'm
      Trying to understand his behavior

    • There is saying always trust your gut. This guy seems very creepy. You're probably seeing what he really is. Any guy who then insults you for not doing what he wants is a jerk. Be very careful.

    • Yeah he is. Well obviously he's sick or yes screwed up. I just didn't get why he got so nasty. Yes some guys do get angry if they don't get sex but they usually try and get turned down. Lately they haven't tried much then have gone off on me and in the same ways it's scary

  • If he makes you feel uncomfortable, and scared, you should probably not see him ever again.

    • I don't plan to but that's not what I'm trying to get. Why did he insult me
      Is it cuz he didn't get laid

    • Probably lol, more than likely. Take his insults with a grain of salt. He's only doing it in spite, and they're clearly not true. He's just mad and his ego is a little bruised since you didn't give into any sexual encounters. Good for you! You seen his true colors, and they're not pretty. :P

    • Thanks! And yes I agree. Omg what a terrible person. Can't believe people resort to that just because they didn't get sex and can be so cruel and devious. He's a sick person in my opinion but yeah thanks i just needed to understand like wtf is going on