How come men (sometimes) reject hot women, but women never reject confident men?

(Disclaimer: I'm talking in general terms, not universal terms, just in case some people want to point out my inexistent misoginy)

Yes, humans are still animals, we have our own instincts. BUT, we are RATIONAL animals, we should be able to separate emotion from reason. For example: "Damn, she looks hot, I SO want to be with her! But wait, just because she's hot, it doesn't mean her personality matches her looks! I gotta be careful...", or even "Well, that confident jolts from that guy. I SO want to be with him! But wait, just because he's confident, it doesn't mean that he's a good guy! I gotta be careful...".

Point is, men are able to separate emotion from reason and will reject even the hottest woman on the planet because her personality sucks (note: I'm talking about long-term relationships, not casual sex.), but women will marry a guy just because he's confident while overlooking all the other aspects.

Of course there's always exceptions to this, but in general terms, men are way more rational than women.


I understand, confidence is attractive, yeah, but it is only attractive because it's an indicator of past success! Yes, when I score that awesome goal or pass on an extremely hard exam, I get confident, because I was successful! But correlation doesn't imply causation! There are LOTS and LOTS of examples of confident screw-ups and insecure, talented people! Confidence doesn't imply competence! Please, for Christ's sake, stop believing this absurd idea and use your brain for a moment!


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  • I don't think I agree. Men and women both have a long history of accepting partners of pior character due to sexual attraction, low self esteem or some other personal baggage.

    • Well, no. Men have a history (which isn't that long), but women have a much bigger and worse history of bad choice. Why? Because women never separate emotion from reason in such a way that you see men getting away with just being confident. Now men? They are able to separate emotion from reason and reject the hottest girl out there just because her personality's not good.

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    • Wait what.

      "I don't have any patience to deal with idiotic kids who won't ever admit defeat"

      *looks at age of both parties*


    • I know right? It's weird that a 30-35 year old woman still has little maturity to admit defeat.
      But no, age doesn't define maturity, contrary to popular belief.

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  • I feel like you answered your own question. Why do women do this foolishness while men don't? Because women don't separate emotion from reason as well as men do.

    I agree, it doesn't make sense to want to be with a guy just because he's confident, and that's how girls end up married to the 'bad guys'. Because bad guys are confident, and they don't really have much else going for them, but girls can't see past it, at least not for a while, and sometimes never see past it. It would make it so much easier for the nice guys (and the girls) if girls actually took the guy's personality into account, but that's just not how things are unfortunately.

    Actually I was prepared to make a sarcastic jab about the fact that you said 'sometimes' men reject hot women but women never rejected hot men, and then you said 'speaking in general terms', which would contradict exactly what you just said. But I see what you mean now, even if you didn't say it very well. :P

    • Oh, right. I didn't choose my words wisely, you're right about that xDD
      Still, I just love to see women aggressively attacking me when I tell give them some harsh truth. It's like asking a kid if they just did something bad when you know they did it. They won't admit it, and will start yelling at you and insulting you, but they just won't admit it xDD