'You know I like you, it's just complicated' - what does a guy mean by this? I take it as 'I don't really like you'?

I get on really well with a guy at work and we just click. We don't work with each other and sit in different departments so I won't see him unless I make a point of going to find him.

At social events we got talking and we instantly clicked and flirted, and he is a genuine lovely guy.

I got told that he fancied this stunning brunette so I backed off as I thought there was no chance I could compete.

At the Christmas work do we were dancing together and he was holding my hand and his head was right on mine but he didn't kiss me and I didn't want to make the move incase he rejects me - he was always shit at messaging and then I found out about the stunning girl and we haven't spoken outside work for a long time until social events with friends where we are drawn together.

So drunk and getting annoyed as I could see the stunning girl and I was getting paranoid he was holding out for her I ask him 'when are you going to pull the brunette' which a cheeky smile. And he goes 'oh *my name*! Errrr you know I like you, it's just complicated'

What the hell! So I backed off and danced a bit more but mingled more and when I went home he wasn't arsed really. Not drunk, he is very shy.

So basiclLy what does it mean when a guy says it's complicated? Girls usually elaborate and pour their heart out drunk.


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  • It's an elongated way of saying "I am worthless".

    • Can you elaborate on that please? I'm still a little confused about what that means - sorry!

    • Guy talks about himself in some fashion which gives him an out. "I love you baby, it's just... I'm... well... blah... gdbah... gurgle..." = Total Failure of a Man.

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  • Probably likes you but either A. Likes her more, or B. Doesn't want to get involved with someone he works with. C. He could be one of those perverts who just wants to see how far you'll go as a friend. It could honestly be anything. Don't read too much into it. You'll find out eventually.


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  • Telling you he likes you probably WAS the equivalent of pouring his heart out and elaborating, if he's shy.

    He probably meant that he likes you, but he also likes that other girl, and he hasn't made up his mind yet.


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