Is he annoyed by me or is it something else? Please explain if you can!

conversations with this guy tend to quickly turn quiet and awkward because he basically doesn't say much and the pressure falls on me to ask questions/come up with topics, while he starts playing with his phone. literally our conversations consist of me asking questions and him answering or perhaps asking the same thing back. he also avoids me like a plague at times but i tend to ignore it. then he does a complete 180 certain times and smiles at me, comes to me on his own and sits with me on the bus on his own. he's not like this with other girls I've seen interactions as well as facebook/instagram - he follows girls all the time and hugs them all the time

when we talk and i come up with something i know interests him he acts clueless even though i know he knows and he likes it - and when weekend plans come up he never fully tells me his but sometimes asks questions about mine seeming curious

a while a go i ran into a guy on the bus who was revealed to a childhood friend of the quiet guy. he did tell me to add him on Facebook i sent a request a couple weeks later after he went on vacation, he's back and still hasn't reponded im starting to wonder if the quiet guy had anythign to do with it?

then a couple days ago the quiet guy was ahead of me in the bus line but we happend to look at eachother and smiled at one another. i wasn't going to go in the bus because i didn't want him to feel the pressure to talk to me, so i stood on the side. but he came up to me and kind of made a surpsied expression and gestured me to go in so i did - at the end he asked me if i wasn't going to go in (i have done this before for the same reason) i said yes and made an excuse - does he think im avoiding him?

ps we both are 20


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  • Don't write that much. you will never get a reply

    • Lol. Writing a lot isn't necessarily a bad thing, you just have to make sure you can keep your message coherent and not add lots of unecessary details that bog your real question down

    • Well i was trying to say that.

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  • you mash up his mind and he gets mentally paralyzed. he reallllllllyyyyyyyyy likes you for sure.


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  • OK so the gist is, is the quiet guy into you or not?

    If I had to answer under penalty of being forced to eat broccoli, I would have to say no. Guys don't play with their phones while girls struggle to make conversation with them if they are interested, no matter how quiet they are. He would also jump on your attempts to connect with him over his interests. You are currently in the friend zone. I don't think you are permanently there, though. Perhaps make an effort to get to know him away from school, like invite him somewhere he cannot resist.