Read this scenario between a boy and a girl and based on your experience in life with relationships, share your opinion:)?

A girl and a guy have had lots of history together; they never dated but he has admitted love to her and have liked each other for a long time. There was a period of no talking between them after an argument and then things changed when he friend zoned her. Then he went and told his friends he still liked her and she somehow got the vibe the friend zone wasn't real.
The girl then decides to tell the guy why she's ignoring him. She pulls him aside and tells him that she is ignoring him because she hates him because she likes him, and by ignoring him, she thinks she can cope with her feelings. She likes him but he can be such a jerk and act like such a dick and be so rude yet she likes him. (she said all of that to him, btw).

The guy's response is stony silence and a shocked, blushing face, and he doesn't say anything, just says "oh.." and is blushing and kind of jumpy, and he immediately goes and tells his friends excitedly and they all analyze it and think how she said it to him was so "f-ing" weird.

Afterwards in class, the guy uses all these games and tactics to make the girl jealous and tries to show off and get her attention as much as possible. (He's kind of immature and jealous of the attention she gets as well). He flirts with other girls and stares/glances at her every three seconds while doing it, and is always watching her and looking.

After two days of him playing games, the first words he says to her after the encounter is "Do you want some gum?" from across the class, and it stands out as odd that he would ask her of all people and it was an obvious attempt to get her attention and talk to her.

So it's clear he likes her... and she likes him... but considering the way she told him she likes him, what did that mean? And why is the boy playing jealousy/attention games afterwards instead of reciprocating the act of telling her he likes her? What is going on?
Opinions anyone?


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  • I swear this happened to me 2 or 3 times

    • Haha. What do you think about it?

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    • I know so after winter break maybe or he will do it before on the last day before y'all leave

    • If he doesn't do anything the day before we leave.. will he be thinking about it throughout winter break probably?

  • Omg kiss & get it over with already...

    • So he likes/loves the girl?

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    • Eh I think its kinda normal sometimes when you're young and you like some one the feelings can be too much so you react by hating or trying to hate the person because vulnerability feels so gross... as far as why the friends think its weird? I don't know but fuck what they think

    • So what exactly do you predict is going to happen? The last thing to happen was the random "asking if she wants gum" thing.

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