I'm a virgin and my boyfriend wants to have sex but I'm really nervous.. Help?

So I have been dating my boyfriend for a while and we have gotten pretty serious. He keeps hinting that he wants sex and when we've made out he tries to pull down my pants but I get nervous and freak out! I'm scared to have sex yet I've kinda been wanting too as well. I'm not sure what I should do!


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  • Nope. Don't do it, if your not ready don't do it. He will understand, if not then he was never meant to be. Don't let anyone push you into things you are not comfortable with.


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  • if you're not sure then don't do anything until you are sure. that simple.

  • If you aren't sure then don't give in to pressure. That is the biggest mistake you can possibly make,

  • Wait until you are sure. dont let people pressure you into doing shit


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  • For whatever reason, you are just not ready.
    Do not allow him to force you.
    Nice guys never do stuff like that, or back right off when told to
    Still, you do have some sexual responsibility, at least in my mind.
    Lay some ground rules.
    Agree to what you think you can handle like oral or hand jobs.
    Make it clear you do not want to go further, for now anyway.
    If he cares for you he should settle for that.
    If not, well, maybe give him some distance for awhile.
    Look, respect yourself first.
    But that's a two way street.
    Respect him too.
    Guys have feelings.

    Love you,

  • If you want to have sex, then have sex. He sounds patient, but don't have sex because you feel like someone else wants you to, it's your decision and it's your body. It's normal to feel nervous because of how people talk about virginity and how special it is, but it's not something to feel anxious about. Sex is great, but it isn't life changing and it won't affect you as a person. Trust your instincts, get on the pill, and have fun :).

  • When a guy really loves a girl he wants to make her happy and feel good not pressure to do something she's unsure about especially since it's a big deal like losing your V. You will most likely regret it later on cause you will realize the experience was kinda wasted on him