Is she trying to steal my guy?

So my bf hangs out too much with his x-gf.
I dont know if i am exaggeting since some people tell me I am but here goes the story.
Four years ago this girl (for privacy pourposes im calling her Marie) and my ctual boyfriend ( lets call him Ben) had an online relationship since she lived in another state they would talk daily and be romantic with e/other. But when she came on the summer for some reason she freaked out and stopped talking to him altogheter. Then Ben trynig to find a reason contacted her sister (lets call her Ann) and he liked her and kept talking to her, thrn she told him that for loyalty to her sister they shouldn't talk. That is how i enter in the story, I was bff with Ann and thus he started talking to me we became pretty good friends and he admitted to still being mad with Marie, but then two years passed and we didn't hear from her, then a friend of her Ashley contacted Ben and told him that things with Marie ended too badly and if he wouldn't mind going out with her and Marie. He was curious about her (since she never explained herself) and from what he told me everything went well and they decided to be friends again, so they start talking nline again, since she has to go back home. And then Ben and I became a couple last spring, everything was going well but the mMarie came on summer and she wanted to hang out with him (just friends) so he, Marie and Ashley went out. Then, she moved premanently to the city and enrolled on Ben's school ( i go to another one). I didn't noticed anything going between them, but they had to participate on a play and ened up being the main cuple and had to be all touchy-feely with each other. Thus Ben claims that it was for the sake of the play. I confronted her and se told me that they were just friends. But thing is I know for a fact (i have friend on that school) that they always together, and when there are projects they always pair up, and he always waits after school until she is picked up. Also...

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this friend told me that they are often being told that they should just become a couple, but they just ignore when this type of commentaries come. They also hang out together sometimes, and he bought her a book and wrapped it and didn't tell me he was going to give it to her. And when I told her that she told me that what they had is long gone and that they are just good friends.
Also, you think he might still feel something for her?


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  • she already stole him.


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  • Sounds like it. If you speak to him about it he should cool things off with her, he's being inconsiderate anyway and I don't think you're being unreasonable. I bet he wouldn't like it the other way round!

    • I told him to get away from her!. For what a friend told me awhile ago they stopped taking for some days, and then it was her birthday and he didn't give her the present. Then it seems that she wouldn't talk to him and would be all quiet around him, then ( for what my friend told me) he asked her why was she mad and what was going on with her, and she was like you were ignoring him, so he took her to lunch and spent the day with her.
      I think he might have feelings for her

    • sounds like it to me, he's not really a good boyfriends because he's inconsiderate of your feelings. I think it massages his ego having two "options". You are not an "option"!!

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  • Well I'd suggest you tally up the number of girls in this story and then see how many he has had romantic feelings for. Then draw a graph showing the amount of time. I highly doubt he is fully committed to you and you will most likely find out he's more into her or that they've already done something.


  • Sounds like he still likes her.

    • I told him that and he claimed that he just likes her as a friend, that they are good friends nothing more

    • Then he shouldn't be keeping stuff from you. He wouldn't like it if you did all of this to him.