Why doesn't she text right back anymore?

So I've gone on two dates with a girl and I've kind of noticed that since the second date she doesn't really text right back as often. Now she seems to text back at the end of the day with an apology. It's kind of annoying. She would just about always text back within 10 minutes or so and I would normally do the same. The day after the date I got pretty busy at work and didn't really text her too much and I've noticed that since then she's started taking forever to text back. She had a great time on the date so she says. Now I'm trying to arrange the third date and she hasn't responded all day.


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  • Because she likely has other friends and a life outside of texting. I say this not to be disrespectful, so don't take it personally. But plain and simple... when we girls get comfortable with you, we feel less pressure to constantly respond and turn back to our normal lives. We won't always glue ourselves to our phones and eagerly await your every text - we have other people in our lives and other things to do as well.

    • i thought girls did that thing where like they intentionally dont respond immediatly to a guy they like to make it seem as though they have a life outside

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    • girls never go longer than 5 minutes without their phone.

    • That is a broad generalization that can't be dictated by gender. I personally can go much longer than 5 minutes without my phone, and I am in fact female. If that's your perception, I'm not surprised that she doesn't text you back.

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