Why did he tell me he was just like me, but clearly is not?

I was talking to this guy for over a year. There was distance between us so a relationship never happened.

I'm a homebody but he seemed to go out with friends to their houses. But never out to clubs or bars.

He told me he didn't even like going to friends as often and he only did because he lives with his parents.

He would tell me over and over how much he actually loves staying in like I do, and would much prefer it if those were my plans (and they oftentimes were).

Well now he's tossed me aside, not even to remain friends after over a year of daily contact as he's dating someone now and they go out constantly to bars and clubs and everything!

I feel like I was lied to. Aside from it being kind of crappy to say see you later even to a friendship with me (but remains friends with his ex and other females) it's like, i started to believe he was really that similar to me but clearly he wasn't.

Does this happen often, someone trying to convince you they're so much like you but aren't? I imagine if I did move near him or visit him or establish something then I'd be wrapped up in the wrong match for me. He had me believing him.

Curious of any other thoughts on this, thanks!


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  • wjen it comes to dating guys try to make feel girls that they are the guy which is the best you can get !! he tried to say he love u a lot but the fact is that he wanted a girlfreind

    • Honestly yeah, it seemed that way, like he was just lonely and wanted a girlfriend and was very clingy with me. Maybe that's why he just told me what he thought I wanted to hear. I really believed him but I did question it.

    • its all about that friend , guys do anything to get girls , but you cannot generalize a guys ! message me if you want some help or have some question :)

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