I already had the hunch he isn't over his ex: this is a red flag?

This guy I've been hooking up with and who I'm starting to like told me a lot about his ex. He didn't seem over her, but I just took it as a sign that he's opening up to me. Basically he just 'liked' a cutesy photo/post to him that she sent on Facebook YEARS ago..

Should I move on before I get too hooked and become disappointed? This seems like a red flag. That I'm just around for him to get attention and affection. :/


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  • I think maybe you should talk about it or ask him first before making a decision that you might regret.

    • I wonder if he's deciding if he wants to take it further with me, and reminiscing is part of the process? Either way I need to find out soon before I get hurt. I'm very sensitive.

  • How long have you've been hooking up with him for?

    • Two months.

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    • It's been two years since they broke up and they're high school sweethearts.. there's another guy who seems interested in something, but I need to break thing off first..

    • or they were high school sweethearts. He seems to really miss it.

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