How should a autistic approach dating?

Cause a lot of women are not understanding plus unlike normal people who flirt and can tell when someone is interested I can't read these signs. I know I put a lot of look related questions on here but I don't feel that's gonna prevent me from getting a girl as much as the autism cause if a girl dosent understand you she's not gonna wanna be with you


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  • Have you ever dated a girl with autism. ?

    • No I haven't

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    • I fall flat on those too okcupid, pof all of them

    • How about autistic dating sites

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  • I think there are books or information out there to help with various spectrum issues. Even if you can't sense certain emotions or whatever I believe there are ways to learn around this. I don't know much about it though. I would look into that type of education.

    • Yeah man it just has me believing i will never have a girlfriend cause most girls want normal guts and don't wanna have to learn a whole bunch of things just to be in a relationship with me

    • I mean you can learn things to make it easier to communicate with girls.

  • One of my friends is autistic and he's dating someone. he's a bit shy at times and has trouble sharing his feelings, but I think if you create a platform or a common scenario where you can express yourself truthfully and completely then she would understand how you feel.

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