Do I break up with my girlfriend right now?

This girl is four years younger than me we have saw each other non stop for almost a year. We honestly fell in love we were obsessed with each other. Her parents caught us and we were forbidden from seeing each other for a whole year. I got so excited I told her I wanted to move out together. She always potrayed herself as more promescious but I thought she did that to sound more experienced and mature for me. I found out she was the school whore and has most likely slept with 30+guys. By the age of 18. She acts so sketch with her emotions aND feelings sometimes and I never know what's going through her mind. I think she's still a kid in some ways. I want to tell her I love her but I can't get serious with you yet. I don't trust her not in a way of cheating she just makes me feel so uneasy about her. I b know I'm literally going to break her heart. What should I do?

I don't know if im making the worst mistake of my life.


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  • Okay firstly there are like 7billion+ people in the world and Im sure there are many beautiful girls in the world, Im sure you'll find her one day. So to answer the question, I honestly think she's acting like a "hoe" DUMP HER thats better plus u have a big age difference, ik becuz of personal experiences, I've been so hurt oh well thats life, and since ur probably both in school it would've been different if u were 25 and she was 21there would've been more understanding but age does play a big role sometimes she obviously doesn't deserve u, and Im sure u deserve someone far better than a hoe. It might not break her heart no offence some girls are just cold hearted from the beginning probably the way she was razed, cause if she loved u for real she would've not been sleeping around with some other guys, seriously pisses me off i mean she's dating u but then sleeps around, DUMP her, that would be my suggestion but think about this for urself it is ur decision we're all just some random people here, Hope I helped!

    • She didn't sleep around after me just before me. It's her past. And honestly I know you say there are so many people but it is pretty rare to find someone that you actually connect with.

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    • Was 17 when i went in. You mind if I were to message you in the future. Kind bounce back advice with no judgement?

    • Haha no i don't mind u can message me I'd love to advise u about this

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  • Yes, this sounds like your head and heart are in conflict. In relationships it is best to go with what your head says because the heart is not meant to make decisions and heartache will heal faster then mental trauma. You know what to do, stop trying to convince yourself otherwise :)

    • The girl says she regrets her past and would wishes she could change it. But her behavior just sketches me out its like she loves me but can't show it like she is afraid. It would absolutely kill me if she found another man and moved on.

    • You called her a whore... I mean is that really how u want to refer to your future wife/mother of children as? I don't think you respect her and that is extremely difficult to get over. Once respect is gone it's downhill from there... Please for both your sakes do the right thing.

  • Honestly just end it.. i mean can't see for a year and turned into a school whore.. she just wants attention

    • That's not true she was a whore before she met me and she even admitted she was a wreck and barley ate or slept when we got seperated. Like i said she was sort of open about it but I just thought she was trying to keep up with me.

    • well i would still end it and thank her for being honest

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