I thought we were becoming something, whats the deal?

there's this guy I've been seeing and hooking up with. I thought we were becoming something cause we've been starting to say how much we like each other and hanging out on the weekend here and there. I met his friends and it seemed cool. But he just liked an ex's post on his wall that was from 3 years ago! it was a really gooey, lovey message. Like what the fuck?

I give up. Should have known I was just a filler girl.

I had a feeling he wasn't over her before this, by the way..


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  • I hate to hear that but maybe you were just friends with benefits to him

    • Probably, I'm worthless. Shouldn't have even got my hopes up in the first place.

    • Don't beat yourself up too bad we've all been there

What Girls Said 1

  • Oh my god he liked a post on facebook? Well call the police! That's sarcasm by the way because it's ridiculous to care about that. You are getting worked up over nothing and making assumptions. If you want to know if he wants to date you then just ask because you're overreacting and if you crack it with him over a fb like he will think you're a giant pain.

    • he already told me about his ex and I had a feeling I was a second option. And then he likes that lovey dovey post form like 3 years ago? He just uses me for affection cause he isn't over her. He won't be anything more with me.

    • If you didn't want to be used then you should have stopped sleeping with him and told him you wanted to date. You have to take responsibility for your own actions.

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