Am I going crazy or what?

Is it just me or is getting harder to date now in days? If you agree, why do you think it's happening?


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  • Yeah i think it is. People are so focused on social media and comparing themselves to others. People are focused on their career more than they where before. And also people are less trustful of others and there are so many things people read on the internet where nice guys gets all kinds of shit and so much dating advice and "game" so girls are more weary etc.

    its a mess, rarely any openness and honesty to be found.

    • I agree with the career part. That's very true even for me. Right now the only thing I am worried about is my studies so I can have the ideal career. ...

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  • I agree, and believe it actually is. Blame it on the "Gotta have it now, and have it my way" mentality. Sound familiar? These are popular slogans par around us on tv/radio/wording every day. Society is being programmed to just do what feels good now, no consequences, dress like a slut, act like one and guys take full advantage. Gone are the courting days... who needs it with all the on-line crap? Did you know TINDER is putting prostitutes out of work? Its crazy out there!


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  • Behaviours and gender roles is not as clear as they once were. Back in the days people knew how to behave in such circumstances. Now it's scattered all over the place. Nowadays there's no specific way to date or behave.

  • Might have something to do with your duck face.

  • harder in the sense you dont get guys of your type?

    • No just actually dating. Finding one type to date isn't what I'm talking about. Just finding anyone trust worthy over all and interesting to date is kind of what I meant more.

    • ok roger that :)

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