How long do you wait to ask a girl out?

So I've been talking to this girl for 2 weeks but don't know if I should ask her out. I think she's interested but I don't want to wait too long and get friendzoned but on the other hand I don't want to rush into it and she pushes me away.

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Well its mainly me and her because she's the main cashier of the store and we have few others and her register is next to my go backs and I have to bring her things when a customer is looking for a price or a certain object but you give great advice thank you for your help
Oops lol


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  • The worst thing you can do is wait too long to express your feelings. That could get you friend zoned. Tell her how you feel. She can tell you she doesn't feel the same and then you move on. In my opinion it's better to do things right away.

    • How long is too long to you? And the only thing is she's my coworker and I don't it to be awkward around her during work..

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    • Do you think you could go look at my question and give me some advice

    • I did hopefully that helped. Sorry for the late reply I was taking a shower lol

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  • I personally never ask anyone out because I'm too scared of rejection. Whatever relationships I've been in, they happened out of mutual consent where things sort of happened on their own.

    Having said that, I suggest you ask her out now. Being pushed away is much much better than the insult and humiliation of being friendzoned.

    • Thank you I appreciate the advice

    • You're most welcome! But in case you still get friendzoned, just walk out of the friend zone AND her life with your head held high, instead of trying yo be friends and hoping she may change her mind (that will not happen because girls will NEVER let guys out of the friend zone).

  • i try to ask a girl out as soon as possible but i dont have a high success rate though lol. i dont ask her out just to have sex with her, lol, thats not my intention at all. but i just find it 1000 times better to have a conversation face to face and get to know someone face to face. there is absolutely no emotion in text conversation, i hate that. so i just say that when i ask a girl out.
    but i do understand that not all girls think the same way and really want to talk/text with the guy for a while before actually meeting them. therefore my really really low success rate lol

  • If you wanna ask her out now, your failure rate could be higher.
    If you wait to ask her out, you might get friendzoned.
    Friendzoned can be reversed or prevented if you seem interesting, tell jokes, and flirt with her.

    Personally I have tried asking girls out too early (without getting to know her). It didn't work for me in 2 ways.
    1st girl, it was too fast, it scared her off. 2nd girl, it was too fast, I didn't get to know her true personality before i fell for her, or asked her out, if I did, I'd have instantly known she wasn't the kind of girl I was suitable for.

    My personal preference is to get to know a girl through chatting and flirting, and to go out in a casual manner. Once we manage to chat effortlessly, know each others' personalities, and earned some trust, then I'll try asking her out for real. And since I was flirting with her all this while, and she'd stuck around and responded, it means she's probably prepared for this to happen. If she isn't, well, I'd probably know from the way our conversations got awkward the moment I tried flirting with her.

  • I would say wait about a week or two after initiating conversation so you see where she stand with you and if she say no then just move on. Most women will see if she's attractive to you or not within a few days