Who do I like? I am so confused?

There's two guys.
One (Guy A) of them used to like me a lot. I don't know if he still does. I care about him a lot, and when I'm with him I want to be close to him. Sometime want to hug him even though I told him I don't want to date. When I'm near him I find myself looking at him and getting worried if he looks stressed.

But this other guy (Guy B); I kind of get butterflies in my stomach and I get nervous around him. He and I rarely talk, and it's like a normal crush or something. I look at him and stalk him on social media and be sad if I find out he is dating. I ask him anonymously on formspring if he is okay when I see him stressed.

Who do I like?

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  • obviously you like option b lool


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  • Who did you get feelings for second, because if you really liked the first one you met you wouldn't have got feelings for the second. Therefore you most likely like the second one more

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