How could he pocket dial me 3 times and then act like it was an accident?

My crush called me recently not just once but three times on my mobile.
He got my number while we were doing a project together in class so we could message each other about it but we have been getting closer for over 2 years now.
He finished his course this year so when he left I text him and wished him luck and he text me back with smileys and said that if our group catches up to let him know so he can come too.
So when I called him back he asked about my weekend plans, how I have been and if I was going to our end of year party and he mentioned seeing me there BUT he mentioned something about getting drinks? He said it really quickly so I am confused.
But he denied calling me 3 times, he said it was just a pocket call and when I was out with my friends he said it again how it was just an accident in front of everybody.
Why did he say this?


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  • For you to ask this question after those facts seems to indicate that this guy is not aggressive enough for your tastes. I wonder why you would "let him go" = contributing zero effort in comms to him when you really have no effort nor troubles as is, just keeping him as a friend.
    If you meant "let him go" = hoping he will become a BF someday, then I also vote maintain the status quo, as it costs you nothing in effort... you can... MUST continue shopping even if he's a tortoise in moving toward BF status... can't have too many prospects or networking to find The Best BF


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  • It can't be an accident. Maybe one of those 'friends' messed around with his phone and called you 3 times as a prank. Its just a thought.

    In any case, if you too are still in the 'crush' phase after 2 years of meeting each other, then i don't suppose anything meaningful can come out from this. Just my opinion, though. I could be wrong.

  • he seem to like you i guess !


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