I don't think I've felt this way, about someone not in a long time?

i don't think I've felt this way, about someone not in a long time?, me and this girl have been texting back and forth, and then I haven't heard anything from her for a couple of days, since I asked her about her interests and wish her a great weekend, thinking of you, , I was afraid I might have screwed things up, I really like her so much so I hope that isn't the case.

not emotions, feelings, my bad
alright I will try to remember that, thanks again, and I just noticed your display picture, it gave me a laugh.


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  • Just play it cool, if you haven't texted anything inappropriate and you've been interesting ( not just 'hi' and yes/no answers) then I'm sure it's just she's been busy.

    • to be honest, im not that great at talking but I've tried my best at being interesting, and nothing inappropriate , just have a nice day, thinking of you, and what do you like to do for fun, those type of questions :)

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    • Ok I will try that, thankyou very much for being so helpful :)

    • No probs. Just try and stay interesting. Of the conversation starts to die off say you've gotta go but will chat soon.

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