Okay everyone so here's the deal I've been talking to a guy online for about a month and 5 days and we have Skyped as well as chatting on Facebook?

but now we're ready to meet Only problem is he lives 3 hours away and would have to stay with me And I told him that I wasn't comfortable with that and he offered to stay in his car since he doesn't really have a lot of money right now and even had to get a job in order to take the trip down here to see me I told him that I felt bad for him since it was going to be so cold and he told me not to since he just wants to see me and meet me Now I know he's not a bad guy seriously I have done a background check He's texted me proof of identity with his license and birth certificate I've talked to his nieces and nephew on the phone before and And they are just quite adorable The one is just totally taken to me he is an amazing uncle to them, on top of that we have plans to meet in public first he says, he's says he's willing to play by my rules in order to make me more comfortable now I know what everybody is probably going to be thinking but in fact you can meet a bad person anywhere go, you can go to a bar and have a one night stand and wake up with all your s*** missing or drugged and thrown in the back of an SUV but that's just life you take risks with everything you do all you can do is really prepare yourself And that's what I'm trying to do I'm trying to look at all the good things that he's doing I don't think if he was a bad person he'd be spending all this energy and time I mean getting a job driving down here I really think his intentions are pure but I would like to know what everybody else thinks and if there's something else I can be doing to better protect myself.


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  • Get a photo of his ID, send photo to a friend.

    • Thank you I'm already going to do that he sent me a picture of his drivers license and I have a picture of him more than one but thanks that's a great idea.

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  • He told you he got a job for that; how can you know it's true?

    • Because I said that I have been talking to him for a month and six days now and at the time he had been working at autozone until he lost his job so then when he lost his job he kept talking about how he really had to get another one that way he could make the trip in order to come down and see me I was even on the phone when his body found the ad online that day and then they went down and he got the job the new job anyways and then he texted me that's how I know

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  • Not saying a guy has to be rich but he has to be struggling pretty bad if he had to get a job to pay for 6 hours of gas. I'd be more concerned dating a guy who lives 3 his away and doesn't have a lot of money. You are just trying to meet once it's not going to get easier or cheaper.

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