Why is she acting like this now? Is she not interested?

Long story but a good one I guess. I wanted to ask this girl out but had decided against it since I work with her at our college gym. Until one of our other coworkers said he talked to her and said she "totally would go on a date if I asked her." I figured why not? She even set up a way to get away from everyone at work party so we could be alone. I asked and she said yes, even made sure we had eachothers contact info.

The day I tried to set up a date she was working that weekend but said she could probably do it the next. She said she would have to wait for her schedule to come out. I waited a week and asked when she was free but she hasn't responded. I'm confused and lost as to why she would go through all of this effort to help me out and now she is doing the opposite.


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  • How's longs it been since last contact?

    • Since I texted her with a response... Sunday

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    • Didn't mean to burst your bubble but it takes less than a minute to text a response, not a whole week.

      Again, maybe your case is different.

    • No i appreciate your honesty. Like I said I'm just bummed. It doesn't make sense

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  • She's totally interested. She's just gotten busy. Don't sweat it! I'd keep asking until she responds or give you an answer. Just casually bring it up. Don't harass her about it just be very cool about the date idea.

  • Maybe she's just really busy or something came up. Just keep asking her.


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