Testing to see how much a guy likes me? anyway to go about this?

Seeing this guys for sometime but not serious. His birthday is coming up and by asking him in advance if he would want to make plans, that would test it right? I mean if he really liked me then would want me to be there for his birthday right? and if he gave me a wishy washy answer that would mean he is trying to keep his options open?


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  • Please stop with the testing since the "evidence" you girls extrapolate from your experiments rarely reflect reality.

    Every single guy wouldn't want their girlfriend there for their birthday. Some would prefer to spend it with the boys, some with their family and some alone. You can't assume that everyone thinks and feels like you and their behaviour is proof of any specific feeling.

    What someone wants to do for their birthday doesn't have to reflect how they feel about you.

    • I'm just having a difficult time deciphering if this guy actually likes me or if he is just like the same with other girls. If you any suggestions... that would be helpful.

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    • @abzence Like a virtual superman? I like this already.

    • @Overvalerie haha! Yes, something like that!

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  • Girls do these tests and get dissapointed nearly everytime. The tests don't mean anything to guys anyways.

    • But I mean if a guy is into a girl would'nt he want to be with her? especially for his birthday?

    • Possibly, but he also has friends and family.

  • Well he may already have made plans with his family or guy friends. But yeah if your into him try and make plans with him

  • yes, you are right. but it is not foolproof.


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