How to ask someone that doesn't speak English out?

There's this Mexican boy I really liked since highschool I have caught him staring at me and i've been scared to talk to him because I'm not sure if he knows English now. Has anyone ever dated someone that dosent speak there language?

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  • He has to understand English , if not, he wouldn't understand anything said in the classes.
    Just go up to him and ask him out.

  • First you have to find out if he speaks English or not. At this point I'm sure he at least knows the basics or else how would he have made it through highschool? If he doesn't you might have to rely on Google translate. Don't worry, translate has a bad rep but the Spanish/English translator is decent. If you want a serious relationship with him Spanish is pretty easy :p I wouldn't know though since I learned it as a first language

  • He's not out "out of your league, but a language barrier could clearly be an issue. I think he a least knows minimal English Haven't you ever interacted with him?

  • sign language.


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  • Make a drawing/skaetch of were you wanna go with him and put a question mark beside it.
    Than show it to him with a smile :D