Should you follow your own heart with your crush or just walk away?

Have you ever had the feeling like you know she's the one soulmate that you've been waiting for all your life when you two talk? well that's my situation I've had a girl at work who is also my crush and i really feel strongly about her, problem? she has a boyfriend ohhhhhhhhhhhhh i know what you guys are thinking, you will just comment just walk away there are tons of ladies out there, ohh that's disrespectful etc etc... thing is would you follow your own heart if you really feel that she's the one taking chances whatever the consequences may be or what... any opinions?


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  • If it is a bf and not a husband, what is it going to hurt to respectfully tell her what you think of her. You aren't trying to get her to go out behind his back, you are telling her what you feel and seeing if there is interest there.

    If not, then back off completely. If so, then ask her how the two of you go about this since she has a bf. You need to NOT do anything with her until she does not have the bf anymore.

    Just remember that because you work with her and you know she has a bf, if you do anything about this and she is not interested in might be very awkward.


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  • It's all in your head. Just walk away. Be kind to her (but not overly) and, if they ever break up, then make your move.

  • Well she followed hers and went with another dude. So move on and respect her choice.