How to not screw up with this girl?

Okay, I've screwed up with every other girl in the past, usually I get friendzoned or rejected, and, I want to know how to not mess up this time. We've been texting each other for the past week, and I'm pretty sure she likes me. She usually texts me first most of the time also. So, I want to know, how to not mess things up, I usually take a long time to reply (I get easily bored and I'm not big on texting), and I guess I'm what most people would call "the Nice Guy". I do have some issues (mostly because I barely have friends and I'm pretty sure that, other than my family she's the only person that cares about me) and, well, I don't want to come off as too much of a friend. I flirt a lot when we text and we're going to hang out next week. See, originally I thought I had gotten rejected, but, after canceling she immediately asked me when I was available. So, how do I not screw up, like I said?


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  • First of all, don't make her feel she always has to initiate the texts. Sometimes you do it.

    Second, don't overwhelm her, just take it a step at a time. She seems to like you and you like her. So just enjoy the back and forth. You don't have to get too deep yet. Make sure you are asking more about her then telling about yourself. I don't mean to hide things, I just mean be slow and careful in how much you poor your heart out to her. Don't say things like "Aside form my family, you are my only friend." That is TMI and unnecessary.

    Finally, next week in person, tell her that you are happy to text her, but you don't text a lot so for her not to get upset if you don't respond immediately, you just aren't used to texting.

    Most of all just have fun and be the person you are.

    I hope it works out.

    • Yeah, I initiate sometimes, but that's usually in reply to something from hours ago.

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    • Okay, the thing is, I'm also a busy guy, I'm usually doing something after school, or Somehing at home, not to mention, I'm easily distracted.

    • That is why i told you that when you are with her, tell her that you may not respond immediately because...