What Is A Good Date Place?

So I'm gonna ask my Crush on a date, I want to ask her if She wanted to go to Disney, but I don't know which Park she would want to go, I want to plan this out before time comes.

This is in Orlando, FL soo I've been searching either Magic Kingdom, or Walt Disney World, but I don't know which is better.

If you have any other intentions/attractions places to go leave me a comment!


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  • Any of the disney parks would be good in my book. I think sea world would be the most interesting and probably disney land would be the most fun.

    You are SO LUCKY to live there!!!

    • Haha, thanks, but your answer doesn't help me!
      I gotta choose!

    • Okay I say disney land because it seems just a little more romantic but I don't live in Miami. My opinion might be different if I could visit places like that all the time.

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  • Not for a first date, for first date simple and nice is good,
    Take her on a picnic, or go go-karting

    • No this is not the first date. this is our 3rd.
      my 1st Date with her was on a Train, and 2nd was to the mall.

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    • I'll take it slow again, i'll probably ask her if she wants to go somewhere else.

    • whatever you feel comfortable doing bro,
      you should take her to a zoo or aquarium thats always fun
      Good luck man! you got this

  • Is this the first date?

    • No this is not the first date. this is our 3rd.

    • Definitely Walt Disney world go on the rides kiss on the bridge and stuff like that that's an unreal third date place man and then after that perhaps go get ice cream it'll be a great first date man get like face painting and take some selfies with the face paint get the caricatures together it'll be great she'll love it good luck homie :)