How do I get a girl off my mind?

So im currently 16 and there's this girl who I really like at my school. We have 1 class together, and the fact that I sit right behind her and haven't had a single conversation with her for 3 months really tells me its time to let her go. I really like her, but I know for sure she'll reject me, and I've been rejected 4 times and its not a great feeling.

I just want to get her off my mind, but I can't. One part of me really likes her, but she hasn't shown any interest in me so I think she'll reject me.

Pls help


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  • Watch some p*rn .


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  • Hahaha I am in the same situation as you. This girl and I had a connection and it gradually started dying and I can't sometimes keep her out of my head. Do fun stuff or hobbies to take her out of her mind. My friend asked me a question about her so she is in my mind again lol. Definently don't want that to happen to you😁

  • Start lifting

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