Is it wrong of me to do this?

Ok so I'm in a really weird situation. I have a "girlfriend" who is my step cousin and my family doesn't know about out and we live far apart and rarely see each other. A long time friend that I've had feelings for and is now showing an interest but is in a relationship. And another girl that I recently met that likes me but is in a relationship.

So I went from 0 to 3 possible relationships. But is it wrong that I'm looking for someone just in case None of these work out? I'm not really good at relationships, " I'm like Sheldon Cooper" but I know the general premise of it. So should I really be doing this or is it wrong of me.

I'm sorry auto correct is being a dick to me lately. It was supposed to be " Is it wrong of me to do this?"


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  • No, it isn't wrong, if that is the kind of mind you have, my mind is always assessing girls around me to see if they are girlfriend material, though I am not in a relationship, but I fucking hate my mind for doing this, anyways, it isn't wrong.

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