Girls: What do you think about a guy thats been single for a long time? And why do you woman cheat? *little bit of a read*?

I've been single for 5 years. Not because Im hard on the eyes or because Im an asshole or anything. I had a few girlfriends in my youth but they didn't mean anything, more of a status. I didn't know what I was doing, I was young. Then I met this girl in highschool. Was with her all though highschool. I thought I was going to marry this girl. I poured my heart into this relationship and she broke my heart so bad I never really recovered. Im definitely over her but I havnt really viewed woman the same since. I had a rebound girl after her, and after that girl I thought I had something going with this girl I knew in Jr. High. But it turns out she, her words, she "just wanted to have sex with a nice guy for once"... WHAT? okay... Every girl I've dated has admitted to cheating on me, including my highschool sweetheart, or I just straight caught them.

So I have built such a big wall blocking any female interaction. I've been focusing all my energy into my schooling, making money, and working out for the past 5 years. I work In the Auto/Collision industry so its not to hard to avoid talking to girls.

Its been getting harder and harder to avoid you girls... You girls drive me nuts, I get so weak and stupid. I've got so much love to give, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I can't help it. I love you girls so damn much. I want to find a girl to give this love too, but Im scared itll just end up like every relationship I've had. Me hurt, and girl dont give a fuuuck.

So I guess my question is:

What would you think when you find out a guys been single for a long time? Like 5 years. Is it something I should tell you? Should I wait till you ask me about my past? Do I just not talk about it?

Plus, Why do you woman cheat? Is it something Im doing? Is it something Im not doing? Is it because I bad in the sack lol? If so, you woman need to stop faking your orgasms.

I know both women and men alike cheat. I guess I was just thinking of my situation only. oops


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  • Awww that was like sweet, Id post a question..."Why do guys cheat" becuz I had the same experience as u except my ex cheated on me i thought i was gonna marry him for real, its been 4 months i finally recovered from all the pain and suffering... So i stayed single and i actually like it Im thinking about focussing on my studies and all,,, I think ur doing the right thing trying to work on ur career BUT also try not to push ur self too hard, ik whenever a guy goes through a bad break up he judges every women, from his personal experience, but trust me u'll find someone much better than her...

    To be honest, Im scared to love again, and yeah i will one day I'm just waiting, I won't take the relationship too seriously and even if it doesn't turn out well, thats fine with me becuz its life and thats how it goes, but the day u meet the love of ur life, it will be better than any other person u've dated

    I seriously didn't know guys get really hurt if women cheat on them, I've never cheated I won't be becuz I think of it as both point of views,,, but not all women are the same, some women cheat becuz they are just naturally a hoe, and they just can't stick to one guy,, So don't worry I'm sure u'll love again, never loose hope :) 5 years isn't too long, i've seen people wait for 7/8 so i think ur gonna find her soon
    Just spend some time being single too, finish off things u need to, workout make some abs lol cuz they're hot and then yeah when u find the love of ur life u'd miss being single too lol ik that one for sure
    Lmao fake orgasms hahahah I don't know how u do that


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  • You sound angry at women. Don't be. Not all of us cheat. I have never cheated. RE your past, lots of us, men and women, go single for a long time. You will find someone who doesn't cheat if you allow yourself. Hang in there, keep your heart open, and look for a girl who won't cheat on you. You will find her, I am sure.

  • This is your problem...

    "but Im scared itll just end up like every relationship I've had. Me hurt, and girl dont give a fuuuck. "

    Your mind set is off and you believe you are defeated before you even start. If you don't believe in yourself why would anyone else? The past is gone, the future is unknown, the only time is now.

    Girl ( and guys ) cheat for all sorts of reasons, but not everyone is a cheater. What would you say to a girl whos had her heart broken and been cheated on?

    If you want things to get better for yourself you'll have to come to terms with your past and move forward. There are truly decent people out there :)

    • I've been told this by many people. I really dont believe in myself. I have been defeted. Being cheated on by every girl I've been with, without a single explanation, I kind of wonder if its something Im doing or not doing you know? I have let the past go, but the past gave me such thick skin, Its hard for me to even think of being vulnerable again.

    • It's not your fault they cheated on you. If anything it's their lack of character and be happy they're out of your life. I've been cheated on so I get the hurt. But I think it's unfair to compare new relationships or people because it means the new are paying for the crimes of the past ones. Maybe a very slow relationship would work better for you. Don't lose hope, there really are lots of good people still around :)

  • Well, I find that offending being as that I have been single for 20 whole years, and I'm 20 years old, hence the fact that I have never dated.
    I am someone who does not waste her time. I will not date someone if I do not think I see myself marrying this person.
    No, I do not believe in the friend-zone, that shit is nonexistent to me.
    I believe that I can become friends with a guy and then have that turn into something more.
    I am extremely faithful, so faithful that I will wait years upon years just to be near a guy if I want to marry him.
    Call me crazy, I don't give a flying fuck.
    All I'm saying is, don't just ask "why do women cheat?"
    Ask, "Why do PEOPLE cheat?"
    Because honestly, who really likes to be thrown in a generalization? No one.

    • Hey, I like that. Good point about the generalization, I was in a mindset...

  • It's all about the connection. My boyfriend was basically in the same boat as you. Well kind of… He had a few serious relationships but was cheated on with both of them. Then was "single" for a long time, four years maybe. Meaning he had what I believe was many one night stands or flings. I'm the first woman (at 31 and him at 32) that he has ever introduced to his family. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. The only challenge we seem to run into is my own fear, having been married and with someone for about a decade, that he won't be satisfied once we get to the "we've been together for years and are old news" stage. I just worry that it will be a new feeling for him and he will think it's the beginning of the end. I know what that stage is like but imagining it with him still sounds lovely. Don't give up hope. We both took each other by surprise with our relationship. You will find someone great, but the good ones are the ones that are harder to find. :)


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