I am sure he likes me? Lame question?

So today my guy friend and I met up with another female friend. The following signs he might like me back are: he hugs me and kisses me on the forehead. He planted a kiss on my forehead in front of our other female friend. He's very affectionate with me but not with her.

He playfully nudges me and teases me.

What do you think?


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  • He likes you. He definitely enjoys touching you. This is solely based in your observation on one event though. There are too many unknown variables.

    • Well its just not this one time. Its just about every time we meet. When he's in a happy mood he would playfully nudge me or shove me. He'd play with my nose on occasion.

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    • Yes we do. He doesn't touch her the way he does me

    • You should just ask him what kind of relationhship he wants. This should be pretty clear and obvious for anyone over 18.

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  • Yesss he likes you!! I'm so happy for you! Do you like him?

    • Yes very much. I think he knows it. We hug each other everytime we say goodbye and he always kisses my forehead and temple.

    • Well then you were meant to be! congrats! :)