Do latin girls like hazel eyes?

Im white I've got dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes I look good a lot of girls like me and not very many dont not being cocky just trying to give you a idea of how I look my skins fair my eyes are greenish brown I hear a lot of latina girls like blue and green eyes and thats all I see them date in the dark my eyes get a greensish blueish brown my eyes sparkle if that matters a lot of people say they do ohh also im tall and by the way Im extremely into latina girls I gotta say my eyes are a lighter color not like dark


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  • I believe you're thinking too much about latin girls, and what they like or not.
    Anyways. I'm latina, and I liked your description. In fact, the boy I like has no blue or green eyes, and he is white.

    • Ohh, by the way hazel eyes are cute.

    • Thanks I think a lot about everything like I said In not even cocky cause to be honest I think I look pretty average but then girls will tell me when I say that that i am far from average soo Im only really attracted to mixed half black half white girls and latinas I prefer latin girls tho cause I love just everything about them usually the accents and skin color my brothers married to a latin girl and dated her for 6 years and she actually asked him out but he's got blue eyes and all the latin girls that say they like white guys always say blue eyes and green eyes I mean my eyes aren't dark at all and they have a hint of blue cause my mom has blue eyes and my dad has brown eyes and my dad has brown hair and my mom has blonde hair so my eye and hair color are mixed and by the way im pale but not pasty I live in Florida but im usually doing sports after 6 and I wear sunscreen when Im out in the sun so I keep my skin white but its not like too white lol

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