Girls, is this an acceptable "excuse"?

So I told this girl that we (it was not fixed, I told her that most probably two weeks later) go to somewhere with friends and I told here to feel free if she wants. I was hell of a tired that weekend so we didn't go and 2 days later I told her that sorry I was tired but for that weekend we can fix it and go if she has time.
So is this a good "excuse" or I should have told her before the weekend that probably we won't go?


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  • You probably should have told her in advance you didn't think you would be going and allowed her to make other plans

    • Yes, you are probably right. Problem is I never felt like she is also into me. In the two weeks I asked her oug to two different places, or onlyfor a cup of coffee and she did't come. So I felt pretty much rejected and don't think it was that important for her.

    • Yeah she probably isn't interested in you romantically but just because she is a certain way with you, does not mean you have to resort to that type of behaviour be who you are not someone else to be spiteful. End of the day people realise who are important and who they shouldn't have passed up on and then they regret

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