Guys help? I made out with someone I like while drunk. Should I text?

I've know him since last year because he goes to my college. I am positive he liked me a few months back but he never got the courage to ask me out. He used to be very very shy and awkward, now not so much, but he still awkwardly talks to me.

Last week we were at a Christmas party and I was incredibly drunk, he wasn't that much I think. Another guy was hitting on me and he came over, we talked for a bit and then we kissed. Not sure how that happened to be honest, but we made out for a good hour or so, until the party was over.

I won't see him for three weeks because it's winter break and he hasn't said anything yet. I'm scared to text him and have him say he regrets that, but then, maybe he thinks I regret it.

What should I say?

  • text him something casual (is so, what)
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  • wait for him/wait until after the break
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  • ask him immediately if he regrets doing that
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  • Do not open with "do you regret when we made out?" Because then be will instantly get the idea that you regretted and to save face he might lie and say that he did when he didn't actually regret it.

    • so i should say something non related completely? i'm always scared of coming off as clingy for some reason :/ it's been four days now

    • I mean just say how is your break going? Ten casually bring up kissing and mention that you liked it. See how e responds from there as of he says he regrets it then say okay and tell him to have a great break and move on. There are many fish in the sea :D corny but true.

  • Just be casual and talk to him about this in person, not on chat! That might ruin your relation if things somehow go south... While on chat, just try to get rid of the awkwardness. You'll fare just fine!

    • so just chat about random things online?

    • Yeah, i mean see how comfy he is.. that'll give you a clear picture.

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