How do I kiss?

this is embarrassing but I'm unsure of my kissing technique. when I kiss with my lips and use my tongue, it feels like I'm being gentle, but I have had many guys tell me they don't like the way I kiss because I think I'm kissing too hard?

anyway...guys and girls, tips please!

anyone else care to lend some advice?>


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  • just be soft, its not a race and unless you both start breathing hard and hands start moving then there's not really a need to press in hard. Kissing is like an art almost. Its sweet, it can be a huge thrill and quite a turn on but it can also be a buzzkill and turn out bleh as well. Just be gentle, little bit of tongue, not too much and try not to clack your teeth together. If you really are into it, try LIGHTLY tugging on his lip with your teeth or GENTLY sucking on his tongue, nothing hard.

    just remember, unless getting passionately involved, keep it soft and gentle.

  • first you gently suck the top lip then just freestyle with your tongue that's what I do


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