How do I make my boyfriend ok with me and this guy being friends again?

Ok so me and my bf have been together for 2 months, before he used to be best friends with this kid, so I started talking to his friend and we became best friends as well, the problem is one day during recess (we are 12 years old) I was talking to my other friend and the kid pushed her, she crashed in to me and caused me some pain in my shoulder, my bf was ready to punch him, I calmed him down and told him it didn't hurt that much, since then me and my bf have been mad at him because we know it wasn't an accident, plus he started insulting me.
Lately he started texting me, I answered and we have started to become friends again, the problem is my bf hates him, I don't expect them to get along but how should I tell my bf and make sure he is ok with it?


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  • You can't. You know he dslikes it, why are you doing it? That other guy made a choice to start trouble with you, he could be trying to make friends with you mainly to make your boyfriend mad, has that occurred to you?

    In a way, you have an unspoken agreement with your boyfriend to not be friends with him and you are breaking it. You are being untrustworthy. You should have told your boyfriend since he first texted you, why didn't you? Are you in some ways attracted to this other guy?

    You should be asking yourself, does friendship with this guy worth the problem you are making in your relationship with your boyfriend?

    • I didn't tell him because he got grounded without his phone and pc so I can't talk to him at all he can't come out, he started texting me Saturday, and I think I should be allowed to be friends with whoever I want to be

    • @yaddayaddayadda02 is correct, yoi cannot force your boyfriend to like anyone.

      My answer stands.
      Then dump your boyfriend, so you can br friends with that guy, there is no other way.
      If you dislike a girl and she has made you and your boyfriend really angry at her, but your boyfriend tells you that he wants to be friends with her and he doesn't care if you dislike the girl, how would you feel? Don't be too selfish.

  • You cannot force your boyfriend to like a guy


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