Starting college at age 17 and dating?

I'll be done with high school at the end of January 2015 and entering the spring semester as a freshman in college. I know school comes first, but I'm worried about dating. I'm still 17, and won't be 18 until the summer. I want to date in college, but I don't want to be perceived as "jailbait." I'm not a baby anymore, and if I've taken the initiative to start college early and pay for it myself (I have a decent paying job and get good hours), then I don't see much of a difference between myself and people a couple years older than me. I'm also not trying to get any guys in trouble with the law, but I don't envision myself ruining someone's future over being in a relationship/having sex. What is your opinion? Should I even tell people my age? Should I wait until I'm 18? FWI, I know that I'll have plenty of time to date and whatnot. My sole intent is not to find a boyfriend in college, but if I meet a great guy who is a few years older, what's so wrong about that? Advice please?


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  • Don't sweat it. There are plenty of freshmen that are still 17 and a few that are even 16. Not generally an issue.


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  • You're fine. If the age thing is that big a concern for you, wait 6 months and be upfront about it (just try to leave it until after date 3).


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  • I was just 17 when I started college.
    It was a little scary for me, mainly because none of my HS friends enrolled where I did.
    I did fine.
    Dated like crazy.
    Gave it up to a guy I am still with.

    You'll be fine.