Does my ex girlfriend want me back?

Does she want me to come back?
I won't go into deep details.

So this girl and I got into a relationship, we were talking with her mostly online for about 6 month and then we met up, apparently we fell in love with each other without knowing it until we confessed, she acted stupid and childish and told me that "I might regret this but I think we should head our separate ways" Now I still loved her but I am not a dog I am not going to run after her, don't get me wrong because I have done everything in my power to make her like me and it worked until she acted so stupid.

After about maybe 2 weeks she contacted me, the usual how are you, how is life bla bla. Then when I didn't log into fb for a day she started texting me, she said the following "Hey there! Are you even alive? no news from your for a while :("

Later things escalated more, she kept on sending me songs and videos mostly about love, she also called me and asked me to go on Skype and we had a chat and she basically acted like nothing happened.

Today she sent me a picture of a song I sang to her and later sent me this

Does this mean she still wants me back?


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  • well yes I think all that is a great sign she wants something from you. What exactly, no one knows. It could be attention, sex, money, or something serious.
    Id approach it with caution and act cool and not too desperate for her attention.
    Why did she break up with you in the first place? If ti was another guy could be she got dumped by him and came running back to you. But just a wild guess.

    • We got back for a while and I realized she is a total imbecile, reason being she is ready to get mad at everything while I was always forgiving, so fuck her. Thanks for the help though.

    • hey thanks for mh. Im sorry it didn't work out for you with her, but for your age, you sound really intelligent, totally OUT OF HER LEAGUE MY FRIEND.

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  • She sounds really childish


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