Are the ONLY Autistic guys who get girlfriend just have good looks/come from wealth families?

Because girls all worship a god called social skills and that is my worst enemy. You don't need social skills, all you need is math and for some reason, girls bow down to social skills like it's their life. Pathetic.


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  • Everyone goes through a hard time with social skills. I had to work on my social skills. Just keep trying.


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  • So just because you can't get a girlfriend (assuming), you're going to bash them? Real mature.

    • It is mature.

    • No, you're acting like a child. Bashing another gender is what's "pathetic" in my opinion. Many people have bad social skills, including myself. I still get guys and I know of plenty of guys that don't have great social skills that get girls. Don't limit yourself.

    • Where I live the guys who have poor social skills and get girls don't exist. And it's good to act like a child because children are cute and don't go to jail.

  • We see guys do this to there friends so we do it to and try to hope that they'll like it when we try to be tough to. Like there friends


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